PowerBuilder Professional Services

MainTrend’s PowerBuilder Professional Services

For several years we are a major player in PowerBuilder modernization. We are pleased to inform you that we extended our offering to PowerBuilder customers. The following services are based on our experience in PowerBuilder that we gained in development, maintenance and modernization projects:

  • Professional Services
    1. Consulting – we advise our clients on switching between PB versions, performance improvement, linking PB applications with other environments. The service is done mostly remotely.
    2. Outsourcing – we undertake overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of PB applications. Service Level Agreement is defined. Service is provided on-site or remotely.
  • Services, based on our Automated Tools:
    1. Finding unused code – Code inspection and recommendations on how to remove the non-used objects.
    2. Mapping to external systems – Detection of interfaces and recommendations on possible changes and improvements including support for various regulations.
    3. Web Services – Creating WS Objects from PB Interfaces to other systems.
    4. Documentation – Create development object reference documentation based on the PB application’s system tree.
    5. Examining migration ROI – Examining the cost effectiveness and performance for automated conversion, including financial and operational implications.
    6. Automated Conversion of PB applications into a modern Java or .NET environments.