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CopyData, the answer to the modern data migration needs.

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When moving from legacy applications to new advanced ones we should consider not only applications to be changed but also significant changes in data structure. The new data frequently has a more normalized structure with stronger data integrity restrictions. Copying the old data into the new structure becomes the key problem for the success of the new application implementation. The most complicated part of the problem is not different data formats or data locations, but changes in the data structure itself.

There are many available data conversion and data migration tools on the market. They allow the use of many data formats and many types of data sources and targets, they support many connectivity types and they claim to meet all the specialized business needs of your organization. These tools are based on the concept “One source for one target” and if you do not need data restructuring you may use them.

Unfortunately, modern data migration is much more complicated, especially when moving to ERP systems. The base concept “One source – one target” cannot supply enough flexibility and has to be changed to a new advanced concept: “One source for many targets”.

This vital need is addressed by CopyData. You can split your source table into many destination tables in the target database with built-in referential integrity support.

The main features of CopyData are:

Support for “One Source for many Targets” concept.
Full usage of Source and Target DBMS SQL features.
Possibility of target tables being used as data dictionaries.
Possibility of updating for existing target rows.
Internal customization with Counters, Constants and JScript Functions.
Native interfaces to Sybase, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases.
Support for Oracle RDB database.
Support for ODBC data sources.
Automatic metadata retrieval with possibility for manual metadata definition.
Flexible friendly graphical user interface.
Complete log of copying process.
SQL and JScript debugging windows.

With CopyData you can create flexible and powerful data movement solutions for your advanced and modern business!