Code Review

Why Code Review

In the current business life cycle, the demands from the IT departments are increasing dramatically.
Sometimes it is too hard to lift the head up and try to figure out if the path we walk are the best one.
A human viewer coming from the outside, in a quest to help the developers code better and not to criticize, is a must.

  • Reduce Bugs and maintenance.
  • Expert opinion and performance improvements.
  • Detailed report to help you with future development. 

Why not run automated tests

Please do, and we can help you with that, but automatic tests can not replace the eye of an expert  architect.


We can conduct code reviews in various plans, range from basic one day code checking, to an extensive line by line checking.

Why us

MainTrend is an expert in human code review, our reviewers come to the mission with  long expertise in the industry.